Science's Opposition
to Climate Change / Global Warming

by Rolf A. F. Witzsche

During the writing of my series of novels, The Lodging for the Rose, when one of of the books was ready for the printer, after months of work, just as it was about to sent it, the computer crashed and several months worth of work was lost. It was as if the Universe had looked at my work and said, that's nice dear, but you can do better, and the ripped the work up. But what could I do better? The answer came, as if it was spoken, to include the coming Ice Age. I almost laughed. Weren't we caught up in global warming. I soon found out that this wasn't the case, and that a vast segment of the scientific community had gone out of their way to alert the public of the fallacy of the global warming doctrine. The following is a list of the mass appeals by the scientific community from around the world, with moder appeals added.

The great historic opposition mass appeals against the doctrine of manmade global warming.

One of the lies is that we are told in the media, is that the general scientific community supports the manmade global warming doctrine. Nothing could be further from the fact. Three major petition projects have been launched as far back as 15 years ago by the international scientific community. And those have massive protests. 

1. The Heidelberg Appeal - by 4000 signators

The first of these official declarations of protest by the scientific community was the 1992 Heidelberg Appeal. The appeal was launched from the University City of Heidelberg in Germany as a protest statement against the unscientific global warming assumptions and the draconian demands based on it. This pioneering appeal netted the Heidelberg organizers 4000 signatures from scientists from 69 countries and 63 Nobel Laureates . Of course, one shouldn't be surprised that this massive appeal didn't even make it onto the 'agenda' of the Rio climate conference in 1992. The conference was already then known to follow a political agenda rather than the truth. 

2. The Leipzig Declaration - by 110 climate specialists

Subsequent to this failure by the scientific community to get the truth heard, and undeterred by the defeat, the next protest declaration was launched from Leipzig, again in Germany, which became known as Leipzig Declaration.  This time the project was focused on getting signatures from exclusively the world's actual climate specialists, in condemnation of the global warming doctrine. 

The Leipzig Declaration project brought together 110 protest signatures from the leading experts in the climate science field. The project was completed in time for the 1997 Kyoto climate conference. But once again, the voice of the actual experts wasn't heard. Dissent evidently wasn't 'welcome' at the Kyoto conference either. After all, the conference had been organized to rubber-stamp the global warming doctrine and to enforce it. Evidently, the outcome of the conference had been largely predetermined, which is usually the case with these kinds of UN world-conference events for which the delegates are generally hand-picked for their commitment to the predetermined conclusions. 

3. The Oregon Petition Project - by 17,000 signators

After the voice of dissent had been successfully hidden at the Kyoto conference, another petition project was launched by the scientific community, the so-called Oregon Petition Project (it was actually run out of California). The petition project brought together an unprecedented 17,000 signatures from scientists from around the world, urging the world's government not to ratify the unscientific assumptions behind the Kyoto Accord.

See the complete text of the Oregon Petition project.

A combined report on the opposition from the scientific community was published in an 1999 newspaper article (Feb. 1), of The New Federalist, Leesburg, VA, by the atmospheric scientist Hugh W. Ellsaesser, retired form Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory after 23 years of atmospheric and climate research and 20 years as an Air Weather Officer for the U.S. Air Force.

The Kyoto Protocol met with an 85% rejection across the world by 2004.

The reality is that in 2004, five years after Ellsaesser's article was written, and seven years after Kyoto, in spite of all the claims in the general media of a supposed global consensus on global warming, only 32 countries of the 210 that adopted the Kyoto Protocol have actually ratified it. This lack of a positive response amounts to an 85% rejection of the protocol.

The widespread rejection of the Kyoto Protocol might be contributed in part to the Oregon Petition Project, and possibly to a gradual awakening to reality that is involved.

 The prestigious Russian Academy of Sciences, for example, has published its conclusion in May 2004, confirming that the Kyoto Protocol does not have any scientific grounds whatsoever. 

Nevertheless, the global warming hoopla continues. The evident goal appears to be to prevent the outbreak of a New Renaissance across the world, which would result in a powerful new thrust for humanist and scientific progress. This progress towards a new renaissance is what the imperial powers fear more than anything else. And rightfully so, because a highly developed humanity would not tolerate the continued looting of the world. That is what the imperials would not survive, who deepened on looting. But it would enable mankind to survive. Thus, the future existence of 99% of mankind hangs in the balance over a globally staged attempt to cover up the truth with a lie.

The Inconvenient Truth

Fortunately for mankind the scientific opposition to the global warming doctrine has not yet been trampled into dust even though the imperial promoters of the doctrine have gathered powerful forces under its wings. One of the most entertaining phenomenon of this kind is the recent surrender of Hollywood to the doctrine by awarding Al Gore's documentary film on global warming, The Inconvenient Truth, an Oscar for best documentary. The event must have raised some eyebrows, which caused a real documentary about the actual climate truth to be produced and aired in the UK a few weeks later.

In the most recent years, 2006 - 2007 - 2008

"Climate change is natural and has been happening since the Earth began," begins a report on on the UK documentary (March 9, 2007). In the words of the reporter referring the documentary, "The Great Global Warming Swindle brought together a plethora of scientists, professors, climatologists and weather experts (presenting carefully considered and rational science) to expose the myths about climate change that have been promulgated in order to hoodwink the world into accepting the man-made theory of global warming... If the Earth was laboring under an accelerated greenhouse effect caused by human produced CO2, the troposphere (the layer of the Earth's atmosphere roughly 10-15km above us) should heat up faster than the surface of the planet, but data collected from satellites and weather balloons doesn't support this fundamental presumption."

The science reported in the documentary reflects what is understood as the truth by the still-free scientific community, exemplified by what the professor Zbigniew Jaworowski has been fighting for, for many years, and how their voice is being silenced for political objectives. The reporter writes, "The UN's much vaunted IPCC report was heralded as closing the case on the argument of man-made global warming. But as the show explains, the IPCC's conclusion was politically driven and they deliberately censored any dissenting scientists while still listing them as participants, leading many to threaten legal action against the IPCC to have their names removed from the report. Scientists who were invited to participate in the IPCC report expose the fundamental flaws contained throughout the document."

The reporter points out that the documentary exposes "the hypocrisy of the environmental left in framing the global warming issue as big business against the people" and exposing the political "romanticisation of poverty," exposing the case that "the man-made global warming bandwagon has devastated Africa's development and is directly contributing to third world famine, illness and disease." A Kenyan development expert who is featured in the program states. "There is somebody keen to kill the African dream, and the African dream is to develop. We are being told don't touch your resources, don't touch your oil, don't touch your coal." "It's suicide," says the expert who is fighting for the survival of Africa (and mankind as a whole).

And so the fight for the freedom of mankind continues. In this respect the powerful documentary that a few courageous people have produced and put on the air completely trounced the doctrine of man-made global warming that is designed to 'imprison' the world with lies, 

A wide raging (2006) collection of, Statements Opposing the Doctrine of Manmade Global Warming have been put on record 

by a group of concerned scientists from across the world, including those that put their name to open letters, one addressing the Prime Minister of Canada, and another letter addressing the Bali Climate Conference that had been organized to revitalize the failing Kyoto consensus and go beyond it. 

The scientists warn society in their letters that society is wasting its economic resources and accepting economic destruction for an effect that cannot be achieved since the climate on Earth is the result of cosmic forces that mankind has no control over. The letters urge that the governments should focus their resources on developing the necessary processes for living with the consequences of the changing climate, rather than attempting the impossible since the climate cannot be affected at the present time by any manmade means.


The U.S. Senate Report: (2007) 
Over 400 Prominent Scientists Dispute Man-Made Global Warming Claims 

The scientific opposition to the manmade-global-warming doctrine is evidently far greater than is generally known and acknowledged. See: A New Senate Report Debunks Al Gordo's Global Warming Consensus. The following links contain the most massive collection of detailed statements in opposition to the doctrine that I have ever seen. They have been submitted by 400 of the worlds scientists, published in the U.S. Senate report in 2007 that should once and for all debunk the myth of manmade global warming. 2007 seems to be the year in which scientists from all over the world decided to speak up on their own accord.

Introduction and summary:

Over 400 prominent scientists from more than two dozen countries recently voiced significant objections to major aspects of the so-called "consensus" on man-made global warming. These scientists, many of whom are current and former participants in the UN IPCC (Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change), criticized the climate claims made by the UN IPCC and former Vice President Al Gore.  

The new report issued by the Senate Environment and Public Works Committee's office of the GOP Ranking Member details the views of the scientists, the overwhelming majority of whom spoke out in 2007.... 

Fully detailed report

400 detailed statements by prominent scientists are brought together here in a giant collection of statements submitted by the scientists speaking out, disputing the man-made-global warming doctrine, primarily in 2007. 

Attachment Number One: 

Over 100 Prominent International Scientists Warn the U.N. Against 'Futile' Climate Control Efforts in a December 13, 2007 open letter published in Canada's National Post on December 13, 2007, saying: Don't Fight, Adapt; We Should Give Up Futile Attempts to Combat Climate Change. Also published by Rense, as: World's Top Scientists are saying 'Manmade Warming' Is A Dangerous Lie

Attachment Number Two: 

60 Prominent Scientists came forward in 2006 to question the so-called "consensus" that the Earth faces a "climate emergency." They call on Prime Minister Harper to open Kyoto to debate, to revisit the science of global warming (The Financial Post) - April 6, 2006

The 2008 Petition Project signed by 31,000 scientists

"We urge the United States government to reject the global warming agreement that was written in Kyoto, Japan in December, 1997, and any other similar proposals. The proposed limits on greenhouse gases would harm the environment, hinder the advance of science and technology, and damage the health and welfare of mankind."

The petition project is still ongoing, the 31,000 names of the signators are on file, online.

That all of the above protests are well justified, is evident by the massive cooling trend the planet is presently in, which is evident all over the world. Tajikistan, the former Soviet republic which borders China and eastern Afghanistan suffered its harshest winter in three decades that has put the country on the verge of a humanitarian disaster, according to Michael Jones, the UN resident coordinator for the country. A majority of the population of 7 million is having trouble buying food and other necessities. For most of January temperatures in the capital, Dushanbe, have averaged 5 degrees (Fahrenheit) during the day and dropped to as low as minus 13 at night, according to UN sources. Power shortages, reducing electricity supply to 2 hours a day, are expected for at least 25 days. Hydroelectric generation accounts for 76 percent of the country's energy output, but the prolonged cold has frozen inlet streams going into the reservoirs which drive the generators, according to UN sources. (Source)

In China, the snow and ice storms, which began Jan. 10, 2008, have been the worst in many decades. Over 160 cities are were hit with power and water shortages. Ironically China was forced last year to close 553 coal-fired plants to placate Al Gore and his IPCC climate-change alarmists who claimed the carbon dioxide released in burning coal caused "global warming." This left many areas with inadequate power resources to cope with this massive winter storm. The severe weather also effected farmers and farm produce where losses amounted to 53.8 billion yuan ($7.5 billion). (Source) So much for global warming.

In the USA, on January 31, 2008, in the State of Washington a wall of snow 400 feet long and 30-feet deep fell from the slopes of the Snoqualmie Pass onto Interstate 90. This was the second avalanche in two days. Area residents cannot recall even a single such event in the past. Around the same time two storms converged, one from California and another from the Gulf of Alaska, dropping snow on mountain areas from Washington state to Arizona. These were followed by a third storm over the northwest, while bitter cold air and blizzards descended on the northern plains, sending temperatures down 50 degrees in a few hours. Heavy snow stretched from the southeastern plains to Lake Erie. Ice, snow and high winds were moving across the midwestern states. (Source)

The actual measurements at the Russian Institute of Solar-Terrestrial Physics in Irkutsk were probably right, indicating that global warming ended there in 1998. The world is catching up with the trend recorded there. 

Now that the sunspots have disappeared since the beginning of the 24th solar cycle being almost two years late and hasn't happened yet (as of March 7, 2008) indicating a general weakening of the 11-year solar activity cycle, the resulting global cooling has wiped out 130 years of natural warming when the solar activity was highly intensive. The reduced solar activity causes a weakening of the greenhouse effect and a reduction of it moderating influence of the climate. We should expect colder winters and to a lesser degree drier summers.

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